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Anchored in the village of Saint Fargeau in Puisaye region of northern Burgundy, our hotel is ideally located to discover many places of the region. Discover a charming countryside with many cultural and entertaining activities. Also, if you are a wine lover, our hotel is 40 minutes’ drive to Auxerre city and the northern Burgundy vineyards, and 45 minutes’ drive to way the Loire Valley vineyards and its famous Sancerre wine and village. A perfect place to enjoy cultural visits, family activities and French gastronomy!

Photo château de Saint-Fargeau

The castle of Saint Fargeau

This castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Burgundy and is situated at 4kms from the hotel in the village of Saint Fargeau. Every year, in the grounds, the castle puts on an open air historical ‘son et lumière’ display with 500 actors and 50 cavaliers.

Parc naturel du Boutissaint
5.3 km

Medieval castle of Guédelon

Guédelon is a medieval castle building project only 9km from the hotel. Attracting visitors world wide, the project which is estimated to take over 25 years to accomplish involves 45 skilled labourers who are building a castle using the tools and methods of the period.

Château de la Bussière
9 km

Nature reserve of Boutissaint

Boutissaint is a nature reserve of 400 hectares where 400 animals reside in all liberty. At only a few minutes from the hotel you can admire and photograph deer and stags as they stroll around their natural habitat.

Parc naturel du Boutissaint
6.6 km

The lake Bourdon

At only 1km from the hotel, lake Bourdon is the ideal place to go for all the family.Wild and untamed you can go for a stroll or a jog, do some sunbathing, hire a pedal boat. There is a lake side café and a picnic area where you can buy snacks.

Lac du Bourdon
1 km

__La maison Colette

Take a journey to the past and meet the most famous burgundy Lady : the writer Colette. Discover her child home and its beautiful gardens that have been renovated as described in her books… Every single piece of the house has been made up to drawn you into the past of that end 19th century manor. Guided tour to be pre-booked by calling 0033 386 444 405

Musée Colette
12 km

The castle farm of Saint Fargeau

The castle farm is a typical example of a 19th century working farm. Come and discover the animals in their stables and the different workshops dedicated to the manual trades of the period. You can even take a ride in a horse and cart!

Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz
5.3 km

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Tree climbing at Le Bois de la Folie

The wooden park Le Bois de la Folie offers 7 tree climbing courses in a huge park of centenary oaks. Try one of the 12 ziplines going from 500ft to 1650ft ! The easiest courses are available from 5 yrs old.

Bois de la folie
6.9 km

The castle of Ratilly

Built in the 13th century over the remains of an 11th century fortress, the castle of Ratilly sheltered the Huguenots during the war of religion. Privately owned it has been lovingly restored whilst respecting it’s original beauty. The castle proposes multiple activities during summer months, notably contempory art exhibitions and music concerts. They also produce and sell their own pottery.

Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz
12.2 km

The castle of 'Druyes Les Belles Fontaines'

Welcome to the castle of ‘Druyes les Belles Fontaines’ which is a wonderful example of a 12th century medieval castle.
In prime position on the top of the hill, it’s named after the village it dominates and the natural spring water flowing from the mountain river.

Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz
35.5 km

Wine from Sancerre

The vineyards of Sancerre stretch over 2800 hectares and are situated on the right side bank of the river Loire. There are 14 villages that qualify for the appellation of Sancerre. The unique cépage (grape) used for the production of white wine under the Sancerre appellation is sauvignon, whilst the cépage/grape for all red/rosé wine from the Sancerre region is pinot noir.

Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz
44 km

Wine from Pouilly Sur Loire

It’s in the immediate vicinity to Sancerre at Pouilly where the world famous white wine ‘Pouilly fumé is produced. A variety of soil, notably those rich in limestone lends itself to producing a quality sauvignon wine. The area boasts more than one hundred vineyards.

Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz
43 km

Wine from Chablis

The world famous Chablis wine is produced in the Burgundy region of l’Yonne, not far from the pretty river town of Auxerre. The Chablis area consists of some 4 750 hectares covering more than twenty villages. Chablis derives from the Chardonnay cépage (grape) only. Today Chablis represents around a 1/6 of the total wine production in Burgundy. There are 4 appellations for Chablis : Petit-Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru et Chablis Grand Cru. The region around the town of Auxerre is called the ‘Grand Auxerrois’ where a further 10 wine appellations can be appreciated. Bourgogne-Chitry, Bourgogne-Côte-Saint-Jacques, Bourgogne-Côtes-d’Auxerre, Bourgogne-Coulanges-la-Vineuse, Bourgogne-Épineuil, Tonnerre, Bourgogne-Vézelay, Crémant-de-Bourgogne, Irancy et Saint-Bris.

Musée rural des arts populaires de Laduz
65 km
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